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Precision Steel can offer a wide array of fabrication services for aluminum extrusions with the support of a fully equipped and expertly staffed machine shop. Available equipment includes multiple Elumatec SBZ CNC Machines and an Elumatec Miter Saw with Digital Control. Our extrusion-specific fabrication services include CNC machining, milling, notching, drilling, tapping, and curving. Furthermore, Precision Steel is a certified applicator of Azon Thermal Barrier Polymer for pouring and debridging requests on aluminum extrusions.

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Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication

Although Precision Steel does not produce aluminum extrusions, we have intimate knowledge of the supplemental fabrication services required by manufacturers to meet various product specifications. Our highly–skilled machine operators can take the provided aluminum extrusions and perform necessary CNC machining, milling, notching, drilling, cutting, and tapping services to create a final product. Precision Steel can simplify the finishing process even further by coordinating additional finishing services like painting, anodizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and more through our extensive array of third-party service providers.

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Industries Served by Precision Steel Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication Capabilities

Precision Steel Services aluminum extrusion fabrication capabilities and application of Azon Thermal Barrier Polymer have proved endlessly valuable to numerous industries. Precision Steel aluminum extrusion fabrication services offer customers a final finished product at competitive prices and exceptional turnaround times. 

Commercial Buildings
commercial office building

Properly fabricated aluminum extrusions, including those that undergo pouring and debridging, are relied upon by contractors and designs for use in commercial buildings. Aluminum extrusions are used throughout commercial buildings as decorative elements or in window systems and door frames to provide a thermal barrier.

Residential Construction
residential home

The same aluminum extrusions that provide thermal protection or decorative elements in commercial buildings are also relevant to residential structures. Fabricated aluminum extrusions can be used in window flashings and door trim to provide thermal barrier protection and are essential design additions for homeowners looking to conserve energy costs.

office building

As all aluminum extrusions require proper finishing before undergoing secondary fabrication services from Precision Steel, the appearance and durability of surface finishes can be adjusted to match modern architectural designs and withstand environmental conditions.


The automotive industry frequently incorporates aluminum extrusions throughout vehicle designs including doors and windows to protect occupants from external elements including variable temperatures and moisture.

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Please consult our FAQ section here to learn more about Precision Steel Services’ aluminum extrusion fabrication capabilities. For anything not listed here, please contact a member of our team and we will be happy to provide additional information!

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What considerations for fabrication should I consider when designing aluminum extrusions?
Why do aluminum extrusions require additional fabrication services?
Can Precision Steel fabricate aluminum extrusions with custom slots or hole patterns?
What finishing services for aluminum extrusions are offered through Precision Steel?
Are there minimum order requirements for aluminum extrusion fabrication services?
What are the typical lead times for aluminum extrusion fabrication requests?

Customer Remarks

During my many years as purchasing and processing coordinator at Samuel Son & Co in Hermitage PA, I have had a great relationship with Precision Steel Services! The customer service is excellent, from the basics of doing business to getting a live person on the phone quickly, to the very complicated and complex services they provide us. Mostly we use PSSI for pour & debridge of our aluminum extrusions for a key customer. We have also had material laser cut, waterjet cut and drilled. I was given an extensive tour and met many of the employees who were so friendly and gave really informative explanations of their equipment and how it works. The quality, paperwork and ease of doing business with Walt & his team will keep Samuel coming back for years to come.
Kim O.
Samuel Son & Co
Precision Steel provides a pour and debridge service for our aluminum extrusions. They carefully unpack, pour, and repack our materials exactly as they were received. Customer service responds quickly, and the turnaround is better than promised.
Kim M.
West Window Corporation
I have been working with and collaborating with PSSI for many years. It has always been a great experience to be alongside a fabricator that has so much experience and understands how the product needs to perform. Their knowledge of manufacturing techniques has created new opportunities for our window systems that make them more accurate and efficient. If issues arise, they are the first to stand up and offer solutions. An old school service with modern technology to back it up.
Ralph B.
Our team cannot say enough positive comments about PSSI and how their partnership helps promote growth, innovation, and success for Centria/Nucor. Since PSSI opened its doors for business, Centria has remained their customer. The PSSI team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ease of doing business, meeting and exceeding deadlines as well as expectations while nimbly adapting to our changing customer requirements. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with this talented group of individuals.
Linda S.
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